Formulation & Development

Aero Pharma has a full fledged laboratory to carry out development of products. Aero Pharma does not boast of carrying out basic research – “We do not want to reinvent the wheel”.

However it has a well staffed department that can do modifications to suit the Indian skin and climate as well as carry out experiments for import substitutions. This helps many clients that do not have laboratories to carry out tests that would ultimately lead to cost savings and easy availability of inputs.

Aero Pharma therefore indirectly support’s local indigenous manufacturers by carrying out trials and stability tests using their inputs and giving unbiased reports.

With its exposure to over 5000 raw and packing materials, the team is well equipped to guide a new entrant to the country as to what the trends are and thereby help the new comer to develop a product.

Aero Pharma thus helps to bond the local manufacturer with International marketers.